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The Importance of a Good Floor Plan

The Importance of a Good Floor Plan

Measure twice, cut once. Even better, measure thrice. the importance of thorough pre-planning before committing to an irreversible outcome cannot be overstated. That said, once the finances are settled and the contracting agreements signed, mapping out rooms, hallways, storage, and their desired layout can be really fun. This is where you and your design team can really begin the process of creating a home with all the elements that you’ve been waiting to achieve in your dream home.

So fundamentally, it’s obvious creating a good floor plan is critical. But what is good? This is (think beauty and those beholder’s eyes) very individual. A plethora of criteria should be taken into consideration before your plans are finalized. Perhaps the most important detail is the number and types of rooms you desire, and for this one needs to be a bit prescient. Conceive of not only current family members, but potential ones, and ones who may leave, as well as guests, babies, pets and privacy. Also, whether one floor or two (or more!) is practical for you now, and as you and your family ages.

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